What active roles can member play in NEAPWA?
NEAPWA members can get involved by joining a committee and attending networking events. Click here for a description of our committees!

Members who demonstrate a strong commitment to the association may be elected to serve on the executive board or as a delegate for their state.

Who is eligible for AWPA membership?
Anyone who has an interest in public works! Click here to fill out an application!

Who is eligible to be an APWA Young Professional?
APWA Young Professionals are typically ages 21-35 with an interest in furthering their careers and networking. However, we aren’t checking ID’s! Click here for the YP Facebook Page!

Who is eligible to become a sponsor?
Companies or firms that are interested in contributing to the NEAPWA. Click here for more information!

How can I become a Sponsor?
Click Here!

What are the typical annual APWA membership fees?
Typical member fees are. Click here for more information!

Where do NEAPWA meetings take place?
Meetings take place in various locations throughout New England. We try to accommodate our membership by varying the locations.

How can NEAPWA help me?
NEAPWA provides members with opportunities for networking, career building, educational opportunities and support

Does NEAPWA have mandatory meetings/conferences?
Meetings and conferences are not mandatory but we strongly encourage you to attend to get the most out of your membership.

How can I post a job to the APWA Work Zone?
Email Jaqui Connors.

Is there a discount with group memberships?
Yes, click here to see our rates.

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